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Verena C. Griess

Dr. Griess is a faculty member in the Department of Forest Resources Management at UBC. She obtained a PhD in Forest Management and Economics from Technische Universität München, Germany where she worked prior to coming to UBC.

Verena’s research focuses on sustainable forest management and the development and application of decision support systems and tools. Examples include the development of key indicators for the inclusion of First Nations heritage values in forest management planning software or the development of inventory based survival probabilities for the use in economic models. More information about Verena’s work can be found in her faculty profile.

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Gary Bull

Gary has spent most of his early career working as a management consultant, an economist for two large forest products companies and as an economist for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Today he is a professor of forest economics and management at the University of British Columbia. His focus is on timber supply and carbon/bioenergy economics; international trade in forest products and the assessment of forest carbon financing.