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coupland-kathleen  Placeholder_Vertical Kathleen Coupland
PhD student

Kathleen has graduated from UBC with a Master in Sustainable Forest Management. She has returned to UBC in 2016 to obtain a PhD with FRESH. Besides her research work that is focused on teaching methods in higher education with a focus on forest education she is TAing various courses in the Forestry undergraduate program as well as the professional Master’s program in Sustainable Forest Management. Kathleen can be seen walking her dog Cedar around the block.



Vivek Srivastava
PhD student

Vivek comes from Varanasi, India and started his PhD at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry in January 2017. He is a trained forester (H.N.B Garhwal University, (India)) and holds a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS)). His passion is remote sensing and GIS applications in forest inventory and management with a focus on the development of species distribution models. Previously he has worked on assessing changes in land use/land cover, species distribution and ecosystem vulnerability to climate change in Darjeeling Himalaya, India at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, India Space Research Organization, Dehradun.

His current work in the Genome Canada funded research project bioSAFE focuses on the preparation of current and future RDMaps of forest invasive alien species (FIAS) under climate change using spatial distribution models. Vivek will integrate modeled output into a model based decision support system to assist the management and mitigation of FIAS. In his free time he loves hiking, trekking and exploring the unexplored.

MITACS Globalink Research Award (2018)

Foto_Thais  Placeholder_Vertical

Thais Lima Almeida
PhD candidate

Thais is originally from Brazil and started her PhD at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry in September 2015. She is a Forester trained at Brasilia University, Brazil (2006) and holds a Master’s degree in Tropical Forest Sciences from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), Brazil (2009).

Thais’ research is driven by the overall question of how to enhance response times to illegal timber harvest operations in primary forests across Amazonas State. Her current research interests cover the dynamics of timber harvest operations as well as policy and governance within Brazil’s Amazon boundaries. At FRESH she aims to connect and compare Canadian Forest policies with regulations currently in place in Brazil. In her free time, she trains Capoeira and studies Italian.

Thais is currently visiting the European Union’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

 ITTO Fellowship (2016)

Devyani  Placeholder_Vertical Devyani_Singh
PhD candidate

Devyani arrived from India in 2005 to pursue a career in corporate finance. She holds an MBA (finance) from the University of Iowa, and has worked as a senior financial analyst in the United States. Her true passion, however, are the environmental sciences and, in 2010, she decided to switch careers by enrolling for a M.Sc. in Environmental Science at The Ohio State University. Devyani is currently obtaining a Ph.D. in Environmental Finance at the Faculty of Forestry, UBC. Her research focues on estimating the impacts of local scale biomass estimation on carbon financing for improved cook-stoves.In 2015 she was selected to attend the prestigious summer program at IIASA, Austria. Here she worked with Dr. Shonali Pachuari on the ‘displacement of wood due to increased LPG use in India’. Devyani also teaches undergraduate level courses within the faculty of forestry during the school term. Recently, she has been selected to be part of the public scholar’s initiative at UBC. During her free time, Devyani plays Ultimate Frisbee on the competitive Vancouver women’s club team.

UBC Public Scholar (2017)
Mary and David Macaree Fellowship (2016)

* PhD students become PhD candidates after successfully passing their comprehensive exam

 Master students


Amber Hansen

Amber learned to love the outdoors through growing up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Southwest British Columbia. She achieved an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia in Forest Resources Management, specializing in Integrated Resources Management. This was a natural progression of a lifestyle immersed in nature through sea kayak guiding and instructing. During her time at UBC, Amber has worked in the forestry industry on Vancouver Island for Western Forest products, in the Southern Interior for the Alex Fraser Research Forest, and in Northern BC for Canfor.

Amber began her Master’s studies in the FRESH lab in January 2017. She is working with the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in to identify their land management values and goals and create sustainable forest management plans for their territory in close collaboration with them.

Amber loves animals, science fiction, and being active in the great outdoors. She recently joined the UBC logger sports team where she holds the position of Safety Officer.

William John Splan Scholarship in Forestry (2016)
Harry G. Smith Award, Forest Res. Management (2015)


Marie-Eve Leclerc

Marie- Eve has recently completed her Forestry undergraduate degree at UBC in the Forest Resources Management program. She previously worked in BC’s beautiful interior both for the Alex Fraser research forest as well as Forsite Consultants Ltd. During her work she gained much field experience performing block and road layout. She has also previous research experience from working under Dr Lori Daniel’s supervision in the Tree Ring lab with a post-fire regeneration study. She has been a member of FRESH for the last year and has started her Master’s program in May 2016. Her research interests include the effects of the new forest order on timber supply and carbon sequestration in the Great Bear Rainforest, as well as how to reduce ungulate browsing on cedar seedlings in BC’s coastal forests.

Marie-Eve is heavily involved with the logger’s sports program at UBC and has competed throughout British Columbia and the United States. She also enjoys any outdoor activity such as downhill skiing, climbing, and hiking.

MITACS Campus France Research Award (2018)
Braham G. Griffith Memorial Scholarship in FRM (2017)


Stefanie Lumnitz

Stef grew up in a small German town close to the European Alps. She received her BSc in Geography in 2017 from the Ludwigs-Maximilians University with a minor in Land Management from the Technical University in Munich. Early in her studies she worked for the German Space Agency and discovered her interest for Remote Sensing. In 2016 she pursued a BSc thesis with the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion), later becoming a research assistant there. Her passion for the environment and her experiences with the power of data science lead her to question how new technologies could be used to facilitate environmental management and improve environmental policy.

Her research at FRESH will explore how convolutional neural networks in combination with Google street view images, LiDAR data and satellite imagery can improve bio surveillance and early eradication of invasive alien species in urban areas. As a Masters student she will be part of the BioSafe team and closely collaborate with the Integrated Remote Sensing Studio and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Outside of the lab, Stef is an avid explorer always looking for new adventures on the rock, in the snow or in the ocean.


Galen Maennicke

Galen has joined FRESH in September 2017. His research will include an economic and ecological analysis of switching from single species, even-aged forest plantations to ‘close-to-nature’ forestry in the tropics, with a case study in Panama.

Galen holds a BS in Forestry from Northern Arizona University, with a certificate in Fire Ecology. He has recently returned from Senegal, where he spent the past two years volunteering with the US Peace Corps as an agroforestry extension agent. In the past, he has worked as wildland firefighter in Arizona, certified arborist in California, and forester in Washington State.

When not in the lab, Galen enjoys backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, and cooking.


Seraphine Munroe

Seraphine’s interest in graduate studies is based on both her professional and personal experiences. She is Dakelh and Sto:lo (BC First Nations). Dakelh are people of the Forest, as such, her culture is strongly tied to the land. The rapid disappearance of forests contributes to the continued erasure of her cultural way of life.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Anthropology from Thompson River University. After completing her bachelors she worked as professional Archaeologist, conducting research and cultural assessments in her home territory. She holds field director status and was, in recent years, working mainly on topics related to the forest industry, such as assessing proposed forest cut-blocks.

The limited measures employed to protect both the cultural heritage and lifeways of the Dakelh people made her feel overwhelmed and underutilized, and she wanted to understand the context of forestry and Aboriginal relations in more depth.

Her research today focuses on how Indigenous legal systems can affect better forest practices, enhancing forestland and culture. Specifically, she is working with traditional groups to understand the challenges faced during the implementation of Forest Management Plans.

St. Mary’s Anglican Church First Nations Bursary (2017)
Native Indian Brotherhood Award (2016)
Irving K. Barber Award (2016)
Mary & David Macaree Fellowship (2016)

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