Postdocs + Researchers

     Tahia Devisscher, PhD
Postdoctoral researcher

Tahia completed her PhD at the University of Oxford in 2016. Using a social-ecological systems approach, Tahia assessed wildfire risk in southern Amazonia. She modelled interactions between climate change, deforestation and different development trajectories, and assessed the impact of alternative fire risk management strategies.At FRESH, Tahia will be studying ways in which forestry planning and management in British Columbia can better integrate Indigenous values and goals, and the valuation of multiple ecosystem services.
Tahia holds a joint appointment at UFORIA lab, and is a research associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute SEI, Oxford Centre.

Valentine Valentine Lafond, PhD
Postdoctoral researcher

Valentine has joined FRESH in November 2017 and is currently working on her bio!

   Placeholder_Vertical Gregory Paradis, PhD
Postdoctoral researcher

Gregory is a registered professional forester and engineer, and has several years expert consulting experience building wood supply model and other decision support tools. He completed a PhD and postdoctoral research fellowship at Université Laval in collaboration with the FORAC Research Consortium. At FRESH, Gregory will be  working in collaboration with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) to design models to evaluate and recommend potential climate change mitigation portfolios to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase sinks through forest management, forest conservation and the use of harvested wood.

Jillian Spies, MSc.

Jillian Spies received her BSc from the University of Vermont in natural resource ecology with a minor in ecological agriculture. During her time in Vermont she worked with the Park Studies Lab conducting research related to visitor usage in parks around the US, including Glacier National Park and Olympic National Park. Her most recent job was as a Fire Ecologist at Bandelier National Monument.  There, she assisted in the long term monitoring of fire’s effect on the ecosystem in northern New Mexico. As a part of the Fire Effect’s team, she was also able to assist on a few prescribed burn and a suppression fire. Jillian moved from Connecticut to Vancouver in 2015.

She defended her Master’s thesis in summer 2017.

When not in the lab, Jillian loves rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and running.

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