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coupland-kathleen Placeholder_Vertical Kathleen COUPLAND
PhD candidate

Kathleen graduated from UBC with a Masters in Sustainable Forest Management. She returned to UBC in 2016 to obtain a PhD with FRESH. Besides her research work that is focused on teaching methods in higher education with a focus on forest education, she is TAing various courses in the Forestry undergraduate program as well as the professional Master’s program in Sustainable Forest Management. Kathleen can be seen walking her dog Cedar around the block.

Donald S. McPhee Fellowship (2018)

Placeholder_Vertical Federico LINGUA
PhD student

Federico comes from Buriasco, a small village in the foothills of the Italian Alps. As long as he can remember, he has been passionate about the natural world. This passion has deeply affected his life choices. He studied forestry and environmental science at the University of Turin. After receiving his masters degree there in 2015, he became a research assistant in the forest economics department. Since then, the focus of his research has been the study of relationships between human society and forestry.Federico joined the FRESH lab in August, 2018 where he will assist in building an economic model accounting for the social consequences of the spread of forest insects and alien species on the Canadian forests as a part of the BioSAFE project.Outside the lab Federico really loves photography and aquatic sports.

Foto_Thais Placeholder_Vertical

Thais Almeida LIMA
PhD candidate

Thais is originally from Brazil and started her PhD at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry in September 2015. She is a Forester trained at Brasilia University, Brazil (2006) and holds a Master’s degree in Tropical Forest Sciences from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), Brazil (2009).

Thais’ research is driven by the overall question of how to enhance response times to illegal timber harvest operations in primary forests across Amazonas State. Her current research interests cover the dynamics of timber harvest operations as well as policy and governance within Brazil’s Amazon boundaries. At FRESH she aims to connect and compare Canadian Forest policies with regulations currently in place in Brazil. In her free time, she trains Capoeira and studies Italian.

Thais is currently visiting the European Union’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

 ITTO Fellowship (2016)

Placeholder_Vertical Vivek SRIVASTAVA
PhD candidate

Vivek comes from Varanasi, India and started his PhD at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry in January 2017. He is a trained forester (H.N.B Garhwal University, (India)) and holds a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS)). His passion is remote sensing and GIS applications in forest inventory and management with a focus on the development of species distribution models. Previously he has worked on assessing changes in land use/land cover, species distribution and ecosystem vulnerability to climate change in Darjeeling Himalaya, India at the IIRS, India Space Research Organization, Dehradun. His current work in the Genome Canada funded research project bioSAFE focuses on the preparation of current and future RDMaps of forest invasive alien species (FIAS) under climate change using spatial distribution models. Vivek will integrate modeled output into a model based decision support system to assist the management and mitigation of FIAS. In his free time he loves hiking, trekking and exploring the unexplored.

Hammish Kimmins Scholarship in Forest Ecosystems (2018)
Mary & David Macaree Fellowship (2018)
MITACS Globalink Research Award (2018)

* PhD students become PhD candidates after successfully passing their comprehensive exam